Blood and Truth TIGA award

Blood and Truth wins the Heritage Award at TIGA


…and our Director of VR Product Development wins the Outstanding Individual Award too!

Last night Blood and Truth picked up the ‘Heritage Award’ at the TIGAs! We’re so proud to see our work on the game recognised, particularly for this category.

We worked hard to recreate London in our game, and proud to be a part of an award that celebrates British creativity.

London Studio is, unsurprisingly, located in the centre of this vibrant and diverse city. Based in the creative heart of Soho, there is a reason our home city has influenced so many aspects of our games. The city is a melting pot of high-end glamour, offset with gritty realism – both of which are prevalent themes, central to Blood & Truth. In order to capture the scale and beauty of London, we have invested in new technology; one of these is vistas. We used LIDAR data to give us an accurate representation of the London streets, and then combined it with our own photography captured by drone to create a realistic view of the city.

Blood and Truth TIGA award
Woop, woop!

Our audio team here set ourselves a unique challenge when creating Blood & Truth’s score too. How do we make the game’s soundtrack authentically reflect its gritty, contemporary London setting, while also referencing classic Hollywood action scores? What we came up with is a unique orchestral/grime mash-up that brings together 80 world-class orchestral musicians and a host of top UK rappers, reworked by renowned grime producer Zdot.

Blood and Truth is a game set in contemporary London, made by people who live in London. We wanted the music to reflect that.

Lastly, our very own Director of VR Product Development, Stuart Whyte picked up the Outstanding Individual Award and we are so proud!

Blood and Truth TIGA award
Stu with his award!

You can read more about what he does at the studio, and how he began in the industry here.

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