Over the years London Studio has pioneered new gaming experiences.

Our story is still being told. . .

We’re working on an online multiplayer game set in a modern day, fantasy London. This is a brand new IP and we can’t wait to share more when we’re ready!

Our latest game is re-inventing the action game genre from the ground up for PSVR. Inspired by our earlier work on VR Worlds “The London Heist” experience, Blood & Truth’s energy, pace and dramatic story comes together to create a true blockbuster in virtual reality. It recently made history by shooting to number 1 in the UK games chart, becoming the first VR game to achieve this milestone.

We developed the launch title for the PlayStation VR headset. VR Worlds takes players on a journey through five unique experiences, from going nose to nose with a great white shark, crawling through decaying space hulks, weaving between oncoming traffic, surviving a futuristic sport and taking part in a gritty London gangster thriller. The game has gone on to be the best selling title for the PSVR.

With the launch of SingStar Ultimate Party, we made it easier for everyone to join in the fun with the SingStar Mic app. This allowed you to easily turn your Android, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a microphone and playlist creator for SingStar on PS3 and PS4.

Wonderbook is an augmented reality book which was designed to be used in conjunction with the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye. We worked with J.K Rowling for Book of Spells, and later went on to develop a number of other titles as part of the Wonderbook series. Book of Spells went on to win a TIGA award for ‘Most Original Game.’

EyePet made full use of the PlayStation Eye Camera allowing players to have their very own virtual pet that interacted with people and objects in the real world by using augmented reality. For example, if the player rolled a ball towards the pet, it would jump out of the way to avoid being hurt. It would also react to the player’s actions and sound allowing them to tickle the animal or clap their hands to startle it. EyePet and Friends followed in 2011, and EyePet Adventures was created for the PlayStation Portable too!

Gangs Of London was launched for the PlayStation Portable, and was part of the Getaway series. In this game, the player had the choice to play as five different gangs in London in an open world adventure. The player could free roam the game’s environment and complete minigames such as taking photos of London landmarks and access “bar” style mini-games, accessed from a pub.

PSP launched in 2005, and London Studio began working on a series of titles, including World Soccer (part of the This is Football franchise) as a launch title. The team also developed a number of other games including Fired Up, Beats and Gangs Of London which was part of the Getaway series.

SingStar is a competitive singing game series, which has gone on to sell over 115 different SingStar titles. This includes in over 15 languages around the world! The game combines singalong interactivity with software that can assess a singer’s pitch and timing through a microphone. Its inventiveness was commended with a BAFTA award for originality in 2005.

A sequel to our 2002 game, Getaway Black Monday had one story unfold from three unique perspectives, as the paths of the characters entwined. Players decide how to progress and how the story ends.

Using the PS2 system’s USB ports, EyeToy was a digital camera that projected your image on screen and tracked your movements, helping create augmented reality games. London Studio created the launch title for EyeToy called EyeToy Play, featuring twelve mini-games. In the same year of launch, EyeToy Play topped over 1 million sales and won multiple awards, including a BAFTA for technical achievement. London Studio went on to launch EyeToy Groove in 2004.

The Getaway is an action-adventure open world video game with a slick, cinematic style. A huge part of our heritage, it went on to become one of PlayStation 2’s biggest and most popular games. The Guardian described the iconic London setting as “ahead of its time.”

In the same year the Getaway launched, Sony merged Studio Camden and Team Soho into one, big London Studio team based in the heart of Soho on Great Marlborough Street.