VR - Production

Production Director

Sony London Studio is leading the charge in building AAA VR games – our vision is to become the World’s Best AAA VR Games Developer – and, with our most recent release, Blood & Truth, we’ve taken a bold step forward towards this ambitious vision.

As Production Director, you will use a blend of creative, technical and management experience to create and lead the games production discipline and deliver in all areas of the development process. You will be experienced in communication, leadership and best practice production process, using these to problem solve and ensure that the production team can maximise the efficiency of the development team to optimise on Time, Cost and Quality. You’ll encourage teams to collaborate, pushing their ideas and suggestions. You will develop and grow the competencies of the current production team towards our AAA vision. We are looking for you to join us with pushing the boundaries within the VR medium and setting the bar for the rest of the industry to follow!



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