Lead Gameplay Designer

PlayStation’s London Studio is looking for an experienced lead gameplay Designer to join our expert team of VR game developers. As a 1st Party Studio our remit is to produce games which show the exciting potential of the latest PlayStation hardware so it’s important you are up for experimenting and working in uncharted design territory!

The team has already released PlayStation VRWorlds and Blood & Truth and are moving on to the next big thing in VR – and we want you to join us!

As a Lead Gameplay Designer, you will be directly responsible for the development of gameplay mechanics and systems working alongside the Design Director and other leads.

Our design department has teams of Technical, Mission, Narrative and Gameplay designers. The gameplay designer’s role is to create fantastic player experiences through gameplay mechanics, systems and game structures. Our Gameplay designers have specialisms such as Combat, In-Game Economies and User Experience and excel at creating design documentation and using the tools and engine to balance the game and ensure a great player experience.

The Lead Gameplay designer therefore needs to have excellent instincts for what makes great gameplay as well as good judgement and decision-making skills. They also need to be great communicators and have the ability to get across what they need from other disciplines to improve and balance the game. A lead should be able to inspire the entire team and give them confidence in what we are building together. 

We expect our leads to have an area of design specialism that they can take personal responsibility for delivering and actively share their knowledge with the team, the studio and PlayStation as a whole.

Our leads also need to be managers who can guide, mentor and appraise their designers, set-up and maintain best practices as well as help our production team plan and keep the project on track.

It is important to us that you are a great team player, have an adventurous can-do spirit, and are always happy to take feedback, collaborate and iterate on your work.






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