Party life: The Osea Island takeover.


What’s the best way to let your hair down, and relax with your work friends? Hire an island, of course! 😉

We packed our bags and made our way to Osea Island to get outside of the office and get to know each other better.

Osea is an inhabited island in the estuary of the River Blackwater in Essex. It’s approximately 380 acres in size with private beaches, and access to the island is via an ancient causeway built by the Romans.

We had an eventful (and highly amusing) time getting there, as half our team were delayed! The tidal road can only open during low tide, and cars have a window of 4 hours to drive across. We just about made it on with our coach, but some people had to get a river taxi from the mainland.

Once there, we kicked off the party with a BBQ in the sunshine, followed by a team quest, which saw us exploring the entire island for clues!

A huge thanks to our incredible Operations Manager, Annie Clare for helping put together such a brilliant party.

Take a look at some of our highlights from the trip!

Burgers with a view!
One of our teams tasks was to assemble a dinosaur. Nailed it!
Hiring bikes to transport around the island!
Perfect weather for a pool party!
A serious game of chess.
Marshmallows anyone?

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