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Reflecting back on 2022


2022 has been an exciting year for us at London Studio. We finally shared a small glimpse into the new game we’re making, and we also continued developing our people, culture and values.

Everyone at London Studio has contributed towards initiatives that have made a real impact, whether that’s through partnering with mentorship programmes, charities or giving talks in schools, colleges or universities.

We recently asked the team to share what their highlights have been throughout the year, and we were blown away by the thoughtful and overwhelmingly positive responses. We’ve put people at the forefront of our studio strategy and worked hard to continually improve, so to read their thoughts and know they are happy means the world to us.

We’ve rounded up some of the comments shared, so you can get a feel of not only what it’s like to work here, but our aspirations for the future. Read on for more. . .

“The progress with our game has been great to see. Watching the team play early stages and have fun really makes us feel we’re making something special, as well as hiring people on our team that share the same values and passion for the project.

We’ve also won a few awards this year which is always a wonderful achievement that shows we’re really pushing what it means to be a welcoming and inclusive studio. I’ve never been a part of a company that walks the talk and is also genuine about it. Very proud of the studio for that and how the messaging comes straight from the top. I honestly tell anyone who’d listen that we’re the inspiration for a wholesome and inclusive workplace and every studio out there should use us as a template. And finally, the internship scheme. We’ve now sent offers and I’m incredibly excited for next year when the interns join us.”

A group photo from our recent Intern Open Day at the studio.

“I think the studio has an exemplary attitude towards employment in general and is striving to improve the working experience for its employees. It feels like a fair, conscientious and kind-hearted place to be. I feel fortunate to be part of a studio that has a flexible attitude to remote working, especially as I understand studio leadership has worked hard to create a special office environment over recent years. I’m also proud of the sustained effort the team have been putting into the project so far. I’m proud of the creative ambitions of the project and what we’re hoping to bring to market – something creative, happy and fun!”

Concept art from the project we’re working on…

“I’m fairly new, so I have a limited experience with how London Studio had been most of this past year. However, if I were to mention something that made me feel happy with the decision to work here is the emphasis on balance and well-being. I think this is something that is rather radical in the games industry (and dare I say, in many modern workplaces). Some friends have a hard time believing what I say in terms of the work culture at London Studio and the resources made available to us in terms of prioritising our well-being. There’s a quote about how a company is only as good as its people, and I’ve personally seen this to have a lot of truth to it. It makes me proud that London Studio invests in this.”

A photo from our recent Winter Social.

“The culture and values of the studio really shone through, especially for me as I started in June. This was clear to see when I was attending events such as the Coding Black Females panel and the Internship scheme where we’re trying to be really inclusive in the industry by diversifying and expanding our hiring pool. I also really appreciated One Special Day and the efforts everyone made to raise money for SpecialEffect, knowing that the money raised will help to develop hardware to make games accessible to everyone.”

You can watch the panel we did with CBF back, here.

“Honestly, I don’t know if I can point to one thing. I am proud to work here because of the team we are building, the culture and transparency. It’s really a lot of the little things, in the conversations, in the way we treat each other, the way the team are outside of the project and office. We have a real opportunity, and a lot of the important things are moving in the right direction across the board.”

A snap from our recent Winter Social Secret Santa

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