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We’re incredibly proud to have been nominated for a GamesIndustry.Biz Health and Wellbeing Award again this year.

Over the past few years, our studio has been through a journey as we rebalance our focus across product, and our people. As a team, we’ve had a lot more open conversations on what health and mental wellbeing means to us, and along the way we’ve discovered more about each other.

If you’re thinking of joining us, you might be wondering how our words translate to action. So, today we’re sharing a summary of our benefits and perks at the studio which are focused specifically on the health, both physical and mental, of our team:

  • Everyone is eligible for fully company funded private healthcare provided by BUPA.
  • We provide access to emergency GP appointments through a private clinic supported by the company.
  • We provide referrals to internal counsellors and occupational health for physical or mental health concerns.
  • Everyone has access to an Employee Assistance Programme, including for their friends and their families.
  • All our team now have access to Modern Health, a mental well-being benefit for them and their dependents. With Modern Health, they get access to personalised resources for their well-being at home, at work, and in their relationships. When times get hard, our team can lean on crisis support resources and 1:1 coaching or therapy. Modern Health offers a global network of care providers with resources available in nearly all languages and ultimately, it’s there to alleviate any pressure with no delay. There are no waiting time, so it’s quick and efficient to access.
  • We support a good work life balance and encourage people to go home. If we spot people emailing in the middle of the night we have words and explore why. This is very important to us as Balance is one of our core studio values. We consider this in everything that we do here at London Studio.
  • We offer desk assessments to ensure people are supplied with the right kit and have the correct set up in the office.
  • We offer a support service for interns and people that are joining the world of work for the first time.
  • HR regularly check in with individuals on their health and wellbeing and anyone that flags this in our monthly pulse survey is followed up with to ensure that they have adequate support and know how to access services.

Lastly we have recently given many of our team Mental Health First Aid training to provide everyone with more support. This is particularly important to us, especially since data from the charity, MIND reveals that “Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.”

The courses we provide are internationally recognised and accredited two-day workshops developed by Mental Health First Aid England. It is designed to raise the awareness of mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Although conversations around mental health have increased in recent years, there is still a stigma underlying this topic. Having someone familiar that our team know they can talk to, and who encourages open conversation, will help change the way mental health is perceived.

Overall, our wellbeing programme at the studio will continue to evolve and improve based on our teams needs, and we regularly seek feedback from them about this.

This level of open dialogue and transparency is one of the many things we love about our team. <3

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