PlayStation London Studio Internships

Why we’re starting an internship programme.


A note from our Studio Heads, Tara and Stuart. . .

Having a diverse team is incredibly important to making the best games. We want different voices to bring different lived experiences and challenge our thinking.

That’s why we’ve been working hard on a brand-new initiative over the last year. Welcome to our first ever, London Studio Internship programme!

Ensuring we always have fresh new talent coming into the industry is super important to us. One of our studio values is ‘Inclusive’ and we really want to live this value, opening doors to talented people who may not have had an opportunity to go through traditional education or career routes, but are curious and passionate about the craft and business of games development.

Our hope is that we kickstart careers in games development but, importantly this is not just about our gains as a studio. We want to see the whole industry become more diverse and well rounded, and if our intern programme seeds some great new talent into the wider industry too – then we will be very happy!

The applications are open from 2nd September – 12th September 2022. You can read our full FAQ’s here, but as Studio Heads – we wanted to share some of our advice if you’re thinking about applying:

  1. Have a passion for games and a natural curiosity to find out more about how they are made. You need to have a willingness to keep an open mind and learn new things.
  2. Be someone with a positive attitude and lots of enthusiasm to learn and grow. We really want to understand our interns hopes, ambitions and dreams and see how we can help you reach them.
  3. Show us that you are team-spirited and will be comfortable working around others, even if you haven’t had much chance to do this in the creative sector before. Game teams are made up of all sorts of personalities, so this isn’t about being an extrovert but – we do look for someone that is able to share their thoughts and opinions through either verbal or written communication.
  4. Have a willingness to work hard to achieve your goals, but at the same time have a good work/life balance. We want people that are naturally curious about everything, not just games and their work. We encourage you to bring your whole selves to London Studio 🙂

If you’re thinking of applying, we’re really looking forward to hearing from you!

– Tara and Stuart


Head to our internship page for more info.