On the cutting edge of the VR frontier.

London, 2002. Our studio is founded with the intent to pioneer new ways to tell stories and immerse the players in action, adventure and technology driven experiences.

London again, present day. Our award-winning studio has close to 100 pioneers and continues to set the pace for VR and new entertainment experiences on PlayStation platforms.

Virtual Reality

As the team that created one of the launch titles for PlayStation VR, our team continues to challenge what it means to make action games and interactive experiences with new tech.

New Entertainment

Our teams continue to explore new territory. Currently, we are developing live action storytelling, transforming what it means to play and interact with a narrative.

The pioneer perspective

Our people are what make London Studio an award-winning powerhouse of a development team. Our experienced pioneers bring a unique perspective to everything they do.

Here are just a handful of our stories on how we started, and what we have become.

The London bit.

London Studio is, unsurprisingly, located in the centre of this vibrant and diverse city. Based in the creative heart of Soho, there is a reason our home city has influenced so many aspects of our games, from the grittiness of The Getaway, to the glamour of Blood & Truth.

We love working in London, and we think you will too.