Meet Anguelina Ouchakova, Senior Graphics Programmer


How did you start at London Studio?

I was on the lookout for a new position in Graphics Programming, and a recruiter reached out with an extremely interesting role here at London Studio. After seeing some of the amazing tech and ideas being worked on, I was sold! I’m thrilled to start a new journey at London Studio.

What does your role entail?

I work within the rendering team, which involves researching and implementing the latest graphical technologies for our Engine. This in turn supports the Artists, VFX and Designers to provide a framework for all the fantastic ways they use it to create the games you play.

What do you find most exciting about your work here, and what are things you’re passionate about getting the chance to do?

The foremost thing is level of freedom and ownership over your own spaces to investigate, create and implement techniques that are at the cutting edge of technology. It really drives you to push your work to be the very best in every aspect.

I’m super stoked for the opportunity to work with such incredibly talented people who love games as much as I do!

What has your career path looked like over the years?

During my degree I worked in VR at a small company that specialised training software for the Emergency Services Sector, which was inspiring to see as an undergraduate. It helped solidify my appetite for rendering with all the technical challenges of working with VR.

My next role following University was at a company which did subcontracting work for AAA studios. I learnt a lot here and had ample opportunities to work on graphics, proprietary engines, and got into the rhythm of development cycles within the games industry.

Following this I joined London Studio to work on a super exciting project. 🙂

Do you have any career advice or top tips for people that would like to become programmers working in the games industry?

Some of the best guidance I was given was to constantly keep learning, and keeping up to date with the latest techniques and technologies being used in the industry.

Additionally, having a portfolio that succinctly highlights your strengths, experience and interests is a big bonus. It’s an awesome talking point during interviews, which really lets you express yourself as a programmer.

Everyone works at their own pace, and has their own starting points – it’s important to focus on how far you have come along the journey!

Working from home has become a big part of our lives recently. How have you found this has worked with your team at London Studio?

I joined London Studio whilst working remotely, and honestly, I was a little apprehensive about starting at a new studio during WFH with all the additional challenges this could bring. However, it’s truly been a great experience. The team cohesion is stellar, and everyone has been exceptionally resourceful and patient when tackling these challenges.

If you could describe London Studio in a few words, what would they be?

A fantastic group of people who are extremely welcoming, hardworking and passionate about creating innovative new experiences in gaming.

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