Blood & Truth is PS5 ready!


With the PS5 launch this month, we’re super proud to say that Blood & Truth has been patched for next gen with a number of enhancements from higher resolution, higher frame rate, higher detailed assets and improved textures.

To tell us more, Bruno Ribeiro our Technical Director breaks it down in more detail!

Hey Bruno! Is this a new version of the game or an enhanced version? Do I have to unlock all my trophies again for PS5 and will my saved game/stats carry over?

This is an enhanced version of Blood & Truth, not a native PS5 title. The changes only apply to when it runs on the PS5, so PS4 and PS4 Pro users should see no difference to their experience. It also means your saves and trophies remain intact!

You say the game has higher resolution – break that down for us. What is this VS. PS4 Pro?

Blood & Truth uses dynamic resolution in all platforms, that means that it adapts its internal resolution to the action so that we achieve a perfect frame rate at all times. The PS4 Pro version tops out at 1440p (2560×1440) and on PS5 we allow it to go up to 4K (3840×2160). Even though the PSVR display is only 1080p, all those extra pixels will be combined for a higher quality final result!

Talk to us about framerates. What was the game running on for the PS4 Pro and how has the PS5 increased framerate made this look better?

Like most high end PSVR games, Blood & Truth on PS4 runs at 60 frames per second, with a re-projected 120hz output on the headset. On PS5, it runs at 90 frames per second, with a 90hz output, leading to a more responsive game and better image quality under motion.

When you say highest detailed assets, what do you mean exactly?

On PS4, we use different levels of detail for assets depending on distance and scene complexity. On PS5 we use the highest detail version available at all times!

Tell us about the improved texture details. What do you mean by this, and what should we be looking for when we play on PS5?

Textures are images we apply to the models which describe what material it is, like colour, roughness, or if it’s metallic etc. When these textures are applied to a surface, they undergo an operation called texture filtering, which depending on the quality level picked can decrease visible detail levels when objects are at a certain distance and/or at oblique angles. We’ve tweaked this on PS5 to force higher quality output across the whole game.

The increased speed from the PS5’s SSD (solid state drive) also means we can load textures much more quickly, so as you move around the levels we can stream the best possible resolution. It’s things like this that make the game world come alive!

Thanks Bruno and before you leave, what other games are you most excited to play on PS5 from launch?  

I’m super excited to relive the wonderful memories of playing Demon’s Souls on the PS3, now in a beautiful, 60fps next gen package 🙂 Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Astro’s Playroom are close seconds.

To set up your PSVR with your PS5 console, you’ll need a PlayStation Camera adaptor. Click here to request yours!

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