How to enhance your job application


Ready to dive into the world of game development? The gaming industry offers boundless opportunities, and we’re here to help you succeed! In this blog post, we’ll share valuable resources and expert tips to enhance your job applications.

Improving your CV:

Make your CV personable and easy to read. This includes clear headers, putting important information in bold and listing skills. When screening CVs, we’re looking to get an idea of you as a professional. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Use interesting fonts, shapes, colours, emojis, and/or logos of previous workplaces to illustrate what you’ve done in your career so far.

Add a blurb. Are you working a non-game day job, but aspiring to become a developer? Put it on your CV (ideally before you list your experience)! The goal here is to give whoever reads your CV context as to what you want to achieve in your career (and why you applied for a specific role). If you were a barista who wanted to get into level design, your blurb would sound something like this: “Current barista, aspiring Level Designer. Possesses a keen eye for detail, passion for game development and creative problem solving. Learning Unreal 4 and C++ with the goal of landing a junior position on a dynamic design team.”

Include metrics where you can. Don’t just write about what you’ve done – include numeric detail to demonstrate the impact you had. For instance, if you worked at CEX as a Cashier, you could say “Assisted an average of 20 customers per day make their purchases.” This helps show how important your work is to the wider goal (tip: bold the metrics for emphasis!). When in doubt about the ‘number’, you can use a reasonable estimate (Note: Don’t exaggerate! We can tell!)

List your skills. Are you learning C++ on the side? Use FinalDraft, Maya or Photoshop for your creative projects? List it on your CV! Adding the programmes, you use (or are learning) are a great way hint what you’re interested in. Add ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’, or ‘learning’ to indicate where you are on your journey. (Ex. “ShotGrid (beginner), Jira (intermediate), Adobe Premiere (learning).

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The team have put together some resources for you to have a look at for each intern role we have open. There is no requirement to go through all of these. We just wanted to share a wide range of resources to get your interest flowing!

Design (Gameplay) Resources

Development Support Resources

Tech Resources

Production Resources

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