Blood & Truth VR

Blood and Truth: Lessons Learned Making a VR Action Movie


This month our Director of VR Product Development, Stuart Whyte headed to the XRDC conference to talk all things Blood & Truth!

XRDC brings together people interested in augmented, mixed and virtual reality, focusing on immersive experiences across multiple industries. Attendees have fairly broad backgrounds including games, entertainment, healthcare, education, training, industrial design, brand experience, and more – so it was a pretty cool two days absorbing tons of fascinating knowledge!

Stuart’s talk touched on how our development team pushed the boundaries for virtual reality and learned a lot about the medium along the way. His talk deep dived into everything we have discovered over the years, and how we took our knowledge from PlayStation ‘VR Worlds’ and put it into out latest action packed blockbuster, ‘Blood & Truth’.

If you’re keen to learn more, the talk is now available to watch on the GDC Vault for free!

Blood & Truth VR
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